Yields of the isotopes of the element: Chromium

48, 49, 55 Cr
Element A number Half life SC or PSB* Yield at ISOLDE Target material
Cr 48 21.56 h    PSB 5.0E+07 Y2O3
Cr 48 21.56 h    PSB 1.3E+05 ZrO2
Cr 49 42.3 m    PSB 1.5E+05 Y2O3
Cr 55 3.497 m   PSB 2.1E+04 Y2O2

*In the ISOLDE Yield Database the beam intensities for isotopes of the elements measured at ISOLDE PSB (PS Booster with 1.0 or 1.4 GeV protons) are presented. For isotopes where no new yields are listed yet from the PSB, one can get an idea from looking at the available SC yields (0.6 GeV protons).


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